Shanghai Cirlley Trading Limited Company

Shanghai Cirlley Trading Limited Company
Cirlley is a trade company with its own make brushes factory and cosmetic bag factory. 

Our make brushes factory is managed by a team with more than 10 years experience from make brushes development, material purchasing to make brushes production. They know how to control the cost but keep the quality, know many different techniques and know how to make a new design become the brushes in quick time. 
In order to make good brushes shapes which is most depending on hand-working,  and in order to make sure the quality on every process, we employ skilled  workers on  core positions, they form a power to push the production team finish every job and order carefully and well .

Our makeup brush bag factory is managed by a team with more than 30 years experience,  good at the produce process improvement and adjustment to control the quality and cost. With more than 20 years export business, our bag research and development are improved with great support from our customers. 

Welcome your inquiries and hope we can support you with our experience. 
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